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Game News
We are a super casual Rift guild on the Threesprings (yay server merges!) server.

We are recruiting. Storm Legion Ahoy!

We have only a few rules:
  • Don't be a jerk
  • Anyone caught discussing the following topics in public channels will be kicked:
    • Religion
    • Politics
    • How high I am right now
  • Don't use your high level characters to prevent newbies from getting rift credit
  • Anyone in the guild may recruit other members
  • Anyone in the guild may accept and complete guild quests
Things we don't have:
  • Scheduled anything (Raids, guild events, whatever)
  • Lots of Members
  • Hardcore anything
Things we encourage:
  • Alts.
  • Dancing with squirrels. (Let us show you how)
  • Creating a macro that says "Yayifications!" for use when:
    • Closing a rift
    • Leveling up
    • Meeting other members
    • You're bored.
      • Is particularly effective when you jump around like an escaped lab monkey
If this sounds like your kind of fun time, ask any Yayificator for an invite.
Guild Bank Guidelines
Some guidelines for the guild bank:
  • Most people in the guild will have full access to the items in the guild bank.
  • New members will have limited access to the bank until such time that they are determined to be unlikely to run off with our loots.
  • You may use guild funds to heal yourself.
  • The limit is something like a total of 1P per day. Be reasonable about when to use it.
  • Guild funds are currently being saved up for an additional vault.
  • Crafting materials may be taken on an as needed basis.
  • If you take a bunch, contribute some of the items or the profits from their sale to the bank.
  • Consumables are there for the taking. Take those which you will actually use.
  • With the exception of crafting mats, and most consumables(essentially: gear and artifacts), anything left in the bank for an extended period of time will be sold with the proceeds going into the bank. 
  • Please note that when items are placed into the bank, they do not automatically stack with other items of the same type. Please combine those stacks when you can.

Beyond that: it's a communal resource, just be reasonable.

Guild News

Gallery Active!

amigogal, Sep 22, 11 3:09 PM.
Don't forget to put images in the Yayifications Gallery!   Butyqwen uploaded a few screenshots - we need more!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

thakir, Apr 6, 11 1:35 PM.
Yayifications! We have a website.

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